We are honest engineers

We are a group of fellow engineers who want to share an honest vision of the current state of web engineering.

Most of articles are either self promotions, or too opinionated.

We want to share honest and unbiased thought about the current state of tech.

Our mission is to help fellow engineers forge their own opinion on current trendy and controversial subjects.

Note : The opinions expressed here are our own and not those of our employers.



Our articles are divided into 4 categories:


Articles about our thoughts, feedback when discovering a new technology or concept.

Example: “Hash functions”


Articles to give feedback about subjects considered as part our expertise or knowledge.

Example: “Why use GraphQL, good and bad reasons”


Thoughts about engineering-related subjects

Example: “What is a Senior Software Engineer?”


Can be seen as tiny tutorials about a specific subject.

Example: “Stop editing /etc/hosts, use a local DNS”